To you ending up on this website, welcome here, I hope you will enjoy this deep dive into my world. As an introduction here is a little presentation of me and my work.
Who am I? Well I Guess I can tell that I am a photographer… this is not my day to day job however, but who knows maybe one day it will.
What I do? Abstract and Abstract-Like picture, but abstraction is not where I started, I have done in the past a lot of pictures related to architecture or landscape (I’m not a street photographer so much, even if I enjoy watching pics taken by other, it always amaze me how they are able to capture ‘the moment’, thing that I seems unable to achieve myself). I’ve also a fascination for wind turbines, especially in wild landscape, where it represents the beauty of nature, along with the effort of mankind to protect her (At least I hope so, and this is how I decided to see it).
My work has changed after having taken a shot of a frozen water pond in winter, there I’ve discovered that I was loving creating pictures that you may look without any understanding of what it represent. I’ve also discovered that nature has a lot to offer as raw material to build fantastic scenery. This is what I’ve tried to depict in this website.

You will be able to find some samples of my other work in the links to social network services where I use to post some of them (Facebook / 500px) Maybe I will add some galleries related to that in a specific part, but for now this website is dedicated to the abstract (or "Abstract-like" for some of the pics like the flowers ones) part of my work.
For the many questions I got about how I create these images, I will leave a little bit of mystery because I would like the viewer to ask himself the question of what he sees, but above all, I want him to see what he wants to see in those pictures. Some will please you, some will not, that’s a game of clue and guess. And remember, I don’t know myself what I’m doing ¾ of the time. As a pitch, I can give you some clues, it involves some material that you have already at home, sometimes flowers, sometimes water, sometimes painting, (sometimes painting flowers in water)…
Most of the shots are macro photography, using my beloved Olympus OMD EM-5 and the fantastic Macro 60mm lenses (A personal thanks to Steve Huff and his wonderful website, without reading it, I would probably never have bought this little jewel)
I hope you will enjoy the website, don’t hesitate to explore, feel free to leave me a message either here either on social networks, it is always appreciated.
Have a nice viewing experience
PS: And please forgive the mistakes, I’m French and Google autocorrect feature is my best friend.

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